We are a grassroots organization dedicated to common sense in government. Oregon Reagan PAC was founded to give voice to the principle of Freedom & Liberty and take our state and country back from those that want to tax and regulate it to death.

Excessive government and wasteful spending are drowning all of us in a sea of debt that threatens our freedom. The patriots with Oregon Reagan PAC support fiscal restraint and a sustainable balanced budget at all levels of government.

Oregon Reagan PAC was founded by a group of patriots; these small business owners and employees are led by former Oregon State Representative and House Majority leader Tim Knopp. 

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Oregon Reagan PAC seeks to unite all those that respect the principles President Ronald Reagan and our founding fathers believed in. Oregon Reagan PAC is named for Tim Knopp’s first born son Reagan William Knopp, because this PAC is about future generations and their ability to have a strong state and nation like their parents and grandparents. Its goal is to spread President Reagan’s and America’s founding fathers principles of Freedom & Liberty to every generation. Reagan Knopp was named for Ronald Wilson Reagan because his parents wanted a strong, independent name that was respected. This PAC will continue the legacy and pay tribute to Reagan’s principles by fighting for them, for you and for future generations.

How can you help? Join us as a fan on Facebook. Your donations are welcome no matter the size. We welcome all patriots that believe in our just cause.