Help Us Renew the Revolution

Conservatives have much to celebrate. After eight long years, we have a Republican administration in the White House and a Republican Congress led by Reagan Conservatives like Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio.

Here in Oregon, Dennis Richardson became the first statewide Republican elected in 14 years, becoming Secretary of State. We also won a senate seat in Southern Oregon which broke the liberal supermajority.

There is still much work to do. Kate Brown, Tina Kotek, and the liberal Democrats in Salem want to raise taxes, cut services to veterans and seniors, and chip away at your rights. And the last time Oregon went red was in 1984.

33 years later, we believe we can make Oregon a better state by honoring the principles he fought for. Supporting small business, growing the economy for everyone, and giving our children opportunities to succeed through education. This is what Ronald Reagan did when he was President and with your help, we can do it in Oregon.

We need to start right now if we're going to break up the single party liberal control that has led to bigger and more expensive government.

Weask for your support in our mission to bring prosperity back to our great state.