Remembering Reagan's Legacy

On this day in 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born to Nelle and John Edward (Jack) Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. From humble beginnings, Reagan went on to have an amazing impact on America.

When I reflect on the legacy of Ronald Reagan, I think of his role as The Great Communicator. Years later, his message of American optimism and the preservation of freedom continues to ring true. Our state and country desperately need his positive perspective in today's negative world.

And let me offer lesson number one about America: All great change in America begins at the dinner table. So, tomorrow night in the kitchen I hope the talking begins. And children, if your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American, let ‘em know and nail ‘em on it. That would be a very American thing to do.
— President Reagan's Farewell Speech, Jan. 11, 1989

Taking to heart this quote is the first step to preserving liberty and our Constitution for future generations. Thank you for standing with us as we seek to guide this country back to our founding principles.

Reagan Knopp
Oregon Reagan PAC