Just like last November…



Cheri Helt

Bend-La Pine School Board — Zone 1

Cheri has represented the students, teachers, and staff in the Bend-La Pine School District since 2010. She is the mother of three children, a small business owner, and an advocate for students. She's working to put more teachers in classrooms, improve counselor-to-student ratios, and close the achievement gap.

In her time on the school board, Cheri has helped lead…

  • A search for a new Superintendent
  • New performances based teacher pay
  • Upgraded classroom technology
  • Protect classroom funding during budget cuts
  • Moved emphasis from testing to preparing students for the future

Troy Reinhart

Bend-La Pine School Board — Zone 7

Troy is a Bend native. He graduated from Bend High. He's a graduate of Oregon State and currently works as a financial advisor at Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management. Troy understand that we need someone to ask the right questions and make tough decisions. As a financial planner, Troy understands the importance of frugality to achieving goals.



Adam Bledsoe

Bend Parks & Recreation District — Position 5

Adam firmly believes that Bend has of the best park systems in America. He and his family use local parks foran array of sports and recreational activities. As a small business owner, Adam understands the importance of a strong park system to our local economy. Adam will ensure that Bend Parks & Recreation District provides all Central Oregon families with opportunities to enrich their lives.

As a Bend Parks board member, Adam will work to reduce fees on affordable housing and look for opportunities for BPRD to play a role in solving the problems with Bends streets.

Yes on Measure 9-114

Bend-La Pine Schools Bond

The bond will finance:

  • One New Elementary School
  • One New High School
  • Safety and Technology Improvements
  • Classroom Additions and Modernization
  • Maintenace and Preservation at Existing Buildings